Xref layers not updating

You can turn off label visibility as long as you know what layer the labels reside on.

If you xref a parcel that includes a label, you should place the area label on a layer that will not plot or on a layer that you can freeze.

Your office standards, or the size of your projects, may necessitate updating your title block fields in this way.

However, in most cases, we recommend avoiding these overly complicated steps by creating a title block template that you update manually for each project.

To save your changes to layer settings, enter VISRETAIN at the command line, and set the variable to 1.

This saves the current session’s changes in the current drawing’s layer table so that in subsequent sessions, the layer state remains set to what you want.

Visretain is set to 1 on all the MEP working dwgs yet the change I have made to one of the layers (change color) in the xref background dwg does not appear in the working dwgs unless you reload the xref!

After that it is your issue to reload it, if you leave your working dwg open for weeks and do not reopen it, you have an xref attached for week that is not updated, maybe the file not exist anymore.

There is 3 different ways to demandload an xref, one of them is to "Enable with copy" it means that a copy of the original is created in a temporary map on your hard drive, are you updating that one ? You should use "Disable", and reload when you need to be updated.

As a result, we now know that we need to create a Custom entry for this field using the DWGProp command.

Open the DWG Properties dialog box by: In the DWG Properties dialog box, select the Custom field and click the Add button.