Validating cable test jig

A user interface allows you to view test results and what unit does not pass the tests.

Power Meter communicating […] This Test Jig validates the final product, so as to know whether the product has been put into housing.

It also performs many analog voltage reading to ensure that the assembly of electronic parts is performed.

A user interface allows to adapt the tests according to customer requirements.

Capable of delivering up to 20A, the battery can be charged in approximately 45 min.

RFID Accelerometer Battery management LCD Screen Voltage and current monitoring Brioconcept has developed the first guitar pedal drum machine.

With our newly-established state of the art independent cable & connector testing center, combined with our superior professional experts in the cable/connector fields, we are able to fully assist in a variety of advanced testing items such as electrical, mechanical, and environmental for your prime products, and ensure they attain peak performance in global markets.

We also provide modification and updating of existing automated test systems.

Designed as a complete solution for all types of power conversion testing, our C8000 automated test platform rolled out in 2001.

It also informs if the tests were successful and inform about the tests that did not pass.

“Bed of […] This Test Jig validates the power of Wi Fi and Zig Bee signals .