Updating salary for different departments using cursor Purely free sex chat

Frances Newton and Emily Eckhardt have NULL values for DEPARTMENT_ID.

Figure 6: Employee first and last name data with corresponding departments If you want to display only the distinct (or unique) DEPARTMENT_ID values in the EMPLOYEE table, you can construct a SELECT statement like the one in Figure 7.

As you know from previous installments in this series, one of your database design goals should be to eliminate redundancy.

Figure 4: The Script Output tab in the SQL Worksheet You can also construct a SELECT statement in the SQL Commands window of Oracle Application Express’ SQL Workshop, a Web-based interface to the database.When you want to obtain the results for a single statement, place your cursor anywhere on the statement line and click the Execute Statement icon.The results appear on the Results tab, as shown in Figure 3.This action automatically creates an editable SELECT statement in the SQL Worksheet whose select list includes all the columns in the table.Figure 1 shows the result of dragging and dropping the EMPLOYEE table into the Oracle SQL Developer SQL Worksheet.

Updating salary for different departments using cursor