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For example, Craig Ventner stepped in to beat the government-run Human Genome Project at its own game.

It is long past time private industry arrived to rescue climate science from the dismal rut that monopolistic funding created.

It includes advanced mathematical skills, often described as ‘rocket science’.

(The same tools our team has applied to the science of climate change can also be applied to the positions taken and trades made.) As the recognition spreads that increasing carbon dioxide has little effect on the global temperature, the manager of the hedge fund can redirect investment into useful market-driven areas, and can also support research aimed at better predicting the climate using factors previously ignored.

Every year about 1.5 trillion US dollars are directed to inefficient, subsidy-dependent businesses, at the expense of consumers and real market-driven enterprises. A hedge fund manager has a special toolkit to tackle this waste.

When before was low cost energy and prosperity for ordinary people despised and attacked by the politically correct, by the self-anointed elites of the West — because they ‘know’ best?

Big science is often done best outside big government.

It’s about being a player, doing due diligence, putting our money where our mouth is, and having the conviction to face the risks.

Instead of standing on the sidelines and telling the world what’s wrong with the current system, it’s about taking steps to make it happen — to reallocate funds to better uses. I’m not a financial planner (read the disclaimer at the end).