Updating lables in word prefessional dating

On the top of the next window, make sure "Page printers" is selected, and after "Tray," click the drop down arrow and select "Default tray (Auto Select)" or "Auto Select." We have run across a few printers that just will not print Word labels no matter what settings are chosen, yet the same document prints with no problems on a different printer.There appears to be incompatibilities between Word and the printer options of a few printers.The driver tells your computer which printer model you have and what your printer is capable of doing.Your printer driver must match your printer model and your operating system (for example, Windows 2000) Printer drivers are often updated to fix problems in previous versions and also include new technology that was not available when the original driver was created.

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Our tutorial provides instructions for creating either a page of labels containing the same address, or a page with different addresses from Outlook using the mail merge feature.

* Note: If the printer won't print, click Mailings and click Labels.

Click the Options button at the bottom of the Labels window.

When Word creates the document containing your labels, it actually creates a table and inserts an address inside each table cell. Hint: to see the button descriptions on the Word ribbon, make your window as wide as possible.

Hover your mouse over an icon and its description will appear.