Updating favorites cpu

With the S905 and S906 chipsets the good thing is that basically every box with the same amount of memory and same Wi Fi chip will be compatible for a firmware donation.Big downside of this way is that you get a box branded for some other manufacturer and that the remote might not work at all.

Over time things can get slow or after some "tuning" certain parts not longer respond as the should.After some digging on the web I found the guys behind the X96 are actually nice enough to provide more or less regular updates for their boxes, even for the new model with dual Wi Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.Only problem with these updates is that they come without any instructions and are located on a chinese file hosting and website service - pan.There are UBS burning tools to get these firmwares onto a box if you really need to though...However, I wanted to get the original back in the hope to get a working remote or to find a way to turn the box on and off through the airmouse.