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Because diseases of the intestine can occur at any age, lactose intolerance can begin at any age; however, that does not mean that an individual has become genetically lactase deficient.

Lactose is a sugar molecule that is made up of two smaller sugars, glucose and galactose.

Lactase deficiency (and lactose intolerance) is most common among Asians, affecting more than 90% of adults in some communities.

People with ancestry from Northern Europe, on the other hand, have a 5% rate of lactase deficiency.

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Lactase deficiency may occur for one of three reasons, congenital, secondary or developmental.

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This decrease in lactase is genetically programmed.The enzyme that splits lactose into glucose and galactose is called lactase, and it is located on the surface of the cells lining the small intestine.Lactose intolerance is caused by reduced or absent activity of lactase that prevents the splitting of lactose (lactase deficiency).But it would seem that some of these foods actually do make our brains produce chemicals when they’re eaten, and those reactions may actually give you an edge in the bedroom that goes well beyond just the placebo effect. Chocolate has long been associated with sex, and it’s one of the gifts that apparently keeps on giving, romantically speaking, at least.When people eat chocolate, it produces hormones and endorphins in your brain.