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The modus operandi is as follows: 1) Publish Advertisements in leading newspapers with their contact mobile numbers 2) They ask the calling general public to deposit money into their "company" accounts in the name of "Lifetime membership registration fees". , etc These people have accounts created in different banks (like ING Vysya Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Axis Bank, etc) across the country in various cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, etc.

“We have taken action by registering a FIR (First Incident Report). Police is working …though silently (sic)." His post seemed to signal a change attitude as Commissioner Sood initially suggested that journalists were concocting or exaggerating the story.Please note that these fraudsters are active from the past few years. Ph: 8553010044, 8050640658 The person on the above number calls himself as "VINAY" and is an impressive orator. He not only has a very good knowledge of Bangalore city but also has an immaculate database of Bank Branch locations and their cash transaction timings.The current advertisement in the newspaper reads as follows: The Great Entertainment Club invite u for get-together meeting and enjoy. He manages the situation smartly when you ask him suspicious questions like: Why is the address in newspaper incomplete? For example, if you say you are in Hanumanthanagar, he will ask you to go to Chamarajpet branch, if you say you are near Shanthinagar, he will suggest Lalbagh Road branch, if you say you are in Shivajinagar, he will suggest Infantry Road branch, etc.He said: "The media is making it look like molestation was taking place by blurring the faces (of the crowd) but no such thing was happening." This was despite numerous pictures of distraught women rushing out of crowds and seeking help from police appearing on both local and social media shortly after the attacks in the city, which is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state.Local newspaper, the described it as a "brazen, mass molestation of women".