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When he insults Mexicans, calls for a ban on Muslims, disrespects women and declares he will ‘bomb the s***’ out of Islamic State, a cheer goes up.

It would have been easy to have been overwhelmed by the tidal wave of flattery and attention I received from Trump when I arrived in New York to make a documentary about the man now dividing America with his inflammatory rhetoric.

Eva Longoria (Actress) Even this glamorous Desperate Housewife suffers from wardrobe malfunctions. Prince Harry (Royal) This Prince of Fun isn’t afraid of having a good time in front of the cameras. Kim Kardashian (Personality) Not your best look Kim!

Imagine being caught off guard in your own home doing that! Maria Shriver Arnold’s estranged wife has been found baring her teeth at the wrong moment. Selena Gomez And Orlando Bloom (Actress And Actor) It looks like these two were caught off guard at the wrong moment…

Anfisa doesn’t mince her words and many fans are curious to see if she gets married to Jorge.

In Season 4 so far, Anfisa has made it clear she has expensive taste and she wants Jorge to pay for it.

Rachel Mc Adams And Ryan Gosling (Actress And Actor) Aww, they’re so loved up! Kate Middleton (Royal) Maybe a dress isn’t a great idea during a windy day. Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders (Actress And Director) Talk about scandalous!

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In a sign of things to come, Anfisa demanded Jorge get her an expensive gift before coming, which he declined.

Selina Gomez (Actress) Thank goodness she has spanks on! Feel free to SHARE this with your friends and family!

This was just one of many revealing and excruciating moments during the two weeks I spent with Trump in 1995 while making a 60-minute profile of him for ITV – a fortnight which started with a charm offensive, but ended in bitterness, recrimination and intimidating letters that only stopped when I threatened legal action.

Anfisa doesn’t seem to understand what is wrong with her dating Jorge for his money.

Anfisa then turns the question on him asking, “If I was ugly and fat would you be dating me?