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Publishing a book is going to require work and a bit of education on your part.For less than 0 worth of books about publishing before you get started, you can save an enormous amount of time, money and aggravation in the long run.Being a book author gives you a level of credibility like almost nothing else. I’m living proof that it’s not as hard as you might think to face those fears, move forward, and get your book out into the world.Let’s face it, saying you’re a book author has a lot more cachet than saying you’re a blogger. Here are seven secrets Paris and Seth know that you may not know about getting a book written and published: Many people never write their Great American Novel because they think someone might not like it.Even if an enormous New York City publishing house publishes your book, will have to market it.A first-time author rarely gets help from the publisher.

I’ve heard they are very useful but luckily I haven’t needed them myself.They can’t do that with a magazine article or tweet. Although my books don’t sell quite as well as Seth’s or Paris Hilton’s, I have received countless emails from readers thanking me for the information.It takes more than 140 characters to explain why Paris does what she does, after all. In a small way, my books have changed people’s lives. A book is something tangible you can point to as a repository of your knowledge. I can’t answer for Paris, but Seth Godin has stated that the reason to write a book versus a blog post, ebook, or PDF is to “make change happen.” Yes, the Emperor of Content Marketing, Godin has published books for years.Not just ebooks, but real dead-tree printed books with covers.