Realpeople cams

But honestly, some people don’t care if you’re a cop or not. We’re really heavy sleepers, and we have a daughter downstairs.

We just think it’s a good idea.” Another frequent reason people seek out home security is travel.

Over the past 10 years, I have specialized in casting for hidden camera/candid camera style spots and am often kept on as the talent wrangler during production to ensure that the prank runs smoothly and everyone from the marks to the client are happy with the experience and the outcome.

Below are a few clips of work I have contributed to as researcher and real people casting producer.

Single parents are looking for a solution that helps them feel comfortable leaving their children or teens home alone.

“I’m a police officer, and I leave my car our front.

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Clip it on and head out—you’ll never be slowed down by not having the right tool again.A dark house with closed blinds, the lights off, and unclaimed packages left on the front porch can all be green lights for thieves.Safe Wise caller Leading busy lives, homeowners value the peace of mind that comes with securing their home.“I have a cabin, and it’s in a secluded area where no one really lives. Another leading cause of home security purchases are break-ins either at home or in the neighborhood.Experts say if you’ve already experienced a robbery, you’re at risk for a repeat incident.