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This is a great example of how differently attraction works for men and women.

The mirror image of this situation hardly ever happens.

He has the wisdom of an ancient and the energy of youth.

Dennis says to me, ‘I’ve never seen myself as time-bound.

Sometimes it is a subtle thing, imperceptible to outsiders, a way he walks and moves or how he handles himself in conversation.

I’m bored on Saturday evening with nothing better to do than troll OKcupid. I send out about thirty messages all exactly the same, to see what happens. Sitting at the bar I begin to rev up the usual DHVs plus I’m riding a wave of outcome independence.

About six girls hook and I start a chat with some black American girl. Everything is a challenge with her so I say no deal and to be frank I don’t think she cares in the slightest. it seem i am in the army ah ah ah OK ok yes Sir Me: Good work, soldier Her: Ah ah ah Miss soldier please Me: What’s your name? Within five minutes she’s staring into my eyes with the “I can’t believe I’m so lucky” gaze.

Internet dating always feels like filling out a ticket for Argos…

Another thing that comes through in her quote is the connection they share.

Connection, or mutual understanding, is one of the least understood (especially by men) and yet most important factors in what keeps a relationship strong.

The alpha male is not always obvious to the naked eye.

How many times have you walked down the street and said to yourself “what the hell is that guy doing with HER?!