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In September 2017, the City of Philadelphia confirmed and expanded upon these findings, announcing that “hundreds” of noncitizens were registered at various points in time dating back to 2006. Johnson has been invited to testify before the State Government Committee on October 25 to discuss flaws and fixes within Pennsylvania’s voter registration system. Christian Adams, a Commissioner for the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

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You’re free to laugh: we also offer fun syndicated fare, featuring iconic shows like Seinfeld, The King […]Contacts Executive Vice President/Market Manager: Kevin Mc Carthy Program Director: Carey Curelop Senior Sales Manager: Michael Fashana Digital Sales Manager: Ansel Olson Digital/Web Content: Gus Swanson On-Air Schedule (All times Pacific) Gio And Jones – 3AM – 6AM The DA Show – 6AM – 9AM The Jim Rome Show – 9AM – 12PM Tiki And Tierney – 12PM […]The Democrat took a strong lead in a state Senate race that will determine the balance of power at the Washington Capitol - and if the results hold Washington will join Oregon and California with Democratic one-party rule in both legislative chambers and the governor's office.Holding more registrants than living adults indicates that election officials have failed to properly maintain voter rolls.The Public Interest Legal Foundation has a distinguished record of bringing litigation against counties and locales with bloated voter rolls—yielding settlements and consent decrees that, if followed properly, will put jurisdictions on a path to more realistic voter registration rates.Right after school starts and the leaves start falling, people in Seattle get anxious for pumpkin spice lattes and classic pumpkin pie.But why limit yourself to those two treats when there are so many others worth trying.