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Nonetheless, keeping the full range of their members’ personality types in mind, YUConnects offers ample traditional social events as well.

“We like to partner with many organizations to pull resources and maximize opportunities,” said Glatt.

While she may have given some thought to finding her own match, she spent more time focusing on helping others. She married when she was 23 years old and had a son and a daughter who are now young adults, which increased her enthusiasm for matchmaking.

“My kids are at an age where they have a lot of friends who want to be set up,” said Fenyes.

“We are so thankful to YUConnects for allowing us to find one another and for all that they have done for us.” YUConnects has also reinvented the wheel by bringing the “online” concept into real time with an original catalog of in-person events held throughout the year.

“Our events try to let the people gain from the program itself,” said Margie Glatt, events coordinator and community liaison for YUConnects.

“She immediately became very active, is very diligent and calls all of her members right away,” said Mindy Eisenman, the in-office staff connector at YUConnects.

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Or are you a parent trying to help your grown child find the right person to marry?Sobolofsky discussed approaching Yeshiva University with the initial idea of launching the program a few years ago.“YU was welcoming, but said it needs to be an educational program as well.I am a big believer in promptly responding and I make this a priority.Nobody wants to be left hanging for an answer,” she said.