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Well, purposely causing a bad flash would not be the recommended way in most cases, but since you have both an Arduino and a Raspberry PI to use as programmers, and you would have to reprogram the BIOS chip anyway (or buy a new one), since the board is unusable, and seemingly not recoverable any other way, i guess you could try it.

But first i Think it may be good that you check that the BIOS chip is supported by the software & HW you would have to use, if you would have to remove it and reprogram.

I unfortunately already began to buy parts as well before I ran into the issue, so I am invested in getting this build to work. The system build is one of the last ones before Alienware was bought by Dell, so it already had the final driver and chipsets released installed. Not sure what good it would do, as there *is* an error message telling me it's problem. Tried the original BIOS and received an error regarding a newer BIOS already being installed. Unplugged the Harddrive out of fear there was a bootloader virus on this used system, then reflashed the BIOS again and kept the harddrive unplugged. Just some very non helpful people telling me everything I needed was on the website, insisting I can fix it if only I would download driver packages there.

I checked with Asus, and confirmed this is a board that can accept socket AM3 chips with a BIOS flash to a more recent version. I used EZ Flash and flashed from a USB stick a I got direct from the Asus site. Googling around reveals this is a VERY common problem with Asus boards in this generation, and it always happened when using EZ Flash. I was only able to successfully flash one version behind the new one I flashed. Obviously, none of the support people are understanding what is happening here...

I am reading the guides and trying to get a grasp on how this will work and what is possible. Here is some info from MSI, but works with other brands [email protected] : Thanks!

I came across the key combination while browsing here.

Another weekend project is to dig around my makerspace and see if I can find a working IDE floppy drive and an actual floppy disc for it.

:) Should be able to find a PS/2 keyboard *somewhere* too, those are still common enough. I am making a list of things to try this weekend before working on the actual hardware.

:)You shouldn't need a floppy though, what i did was i formated a USB-stick as FAT, not FAT32, renamed the BIOS file to "AMIBOOT. But, hitting the Ctrl home combo at just the right time is a bit tricky, and that is why you have to use a PS/2 keyboard, a USB keyboard is initialized to late, i had to hit the key combo several times very fast to trigger the [email protected] : As a follow up question, while reading through the mobo user's manual, it also mentioned that there is a size limit on USB sticks that can be used with their Crash Free BIOS utility, which is similar to what we are discussing here.

I might have access to a floppy drive, though there are many unknowns.

I have no idea if it is working, don't know where I can find an actual floppy (I do have some buried deep in my storage, but whether they are still in usable condition is questionable), and the drive I saw might actually be SCSI, not IDE.

I am ready to break stuff, then I will send it in if a modded BIOS doesn't work. I opened the ROM file, and had no idea what was safe to try to chuck out of the file. Was able to remove images, but not sure if that did anything. All give the same this situation only thing you can do put bios chip out and reflash with programmer or spi header if your board have any since ezflash and rest of flashers do not do full bios write, only update some regionssometimes this can be avoided by flashing bios one by one (incremental) to get to the latest one, sometimes can be avoided with dos bios [email protected]_borbe : I will see if I have the proper headers on the mobo this weekend.

Still shows as 1MB in size, the same as the original, even after saving it and reopening. I am not supposed to be feeding in a zipped file to the ROM, am I?? I found some guides for the procedure too, thanks for the lead!