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This framework consists of a CIM object manager, often called a CIM broker, and a set of CIM providers.

CIM providers are used as the mechanism to provide management access to device drivers and underlying hardware.

Through the v Sphere Client or the Web Client, you can view the hardware status of any v Sphere host in your environment, thus providing a single view of the physical and virtual health of your systems.

You can also set v Center Server alarms to be triggered on certain hardware events, such as temperature or power failure and warning states.

Customers can use ESXi with either the free v Sphere Hypervisor or as part of a paid v Sphere edition.

ESXi installs directly onto your physical server enabling it to be partitioned into multiple logical servers referred to as virtual machines.

Any software tool that understands one of these APIs, such as HP SIM or Dell Open Manage, can read this information and hence monitor the hardware of the v Sphere host.

One consumer of the CIM information is VMware v Center Server.

These providers run inside the v Sphere host and hence are designed to be extremely lightweight and focused on specific management tasks.

The CIM broker takes information from all CIM providers and presents it to the outside world via standard APIs, such as WS-MAN and CIM-XML.

Live updating operating systems using virtualization