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Now lastly before doing the actual upgrade go back to your testboard front end via your browser and test to see if all is working correctly.

In this section of this Tutorial is a guide for those that have never attempted to create a backup test site of the original live site for upgrade compatibility or other testing purposes.

1, Create a _347 folder in your root directory and move all your files into it. Copy the following folders, downloads, public, screenshots and uploads along with your conf_file. 3, Copy all the files from the IPS4.0 zip file you downloaded from your clients center to your new test install directory.

From your browser go to your test install site and begin the upgrade process.......... If the upgrader asks for your license key, add it but remember to use -TESTINSTALL immediately after the license key.

In your forum directory C:\wamp\www\test-forum find your conf_ This will Sync your new server location settings in your new database.

In your conf_settings you need to change these settings. Next go to Look & Feel - Disable or remove all 3rd party skins.