Intimidating acronyms

Who needs to enjoy their fuel when they can get back to business and burn it off right away? Besides, not all habits are necessarily ones that you feel the need to kick.Military jargon (slang for those civilians, out there) is a dead giveaway for any service men engaging in conversation.Actually, it may be decorated just like your uniform depending on your rank.Your kids have drawn pictures of you in your army attire, rewards, medals, photographs, and even magnets that remind you of the army are up there.Politeness is a natural side effect of joining the military.“Ma’am” and “Sir” become staples in your vocabulary and once you’ve either retired, traveled off base, or are relieved from duty, you’re still using these terms in everyday conversation.

Chances are you’ve found the perfect location (in the corner or by the wall) to scope out the attendees and make sure everything is copasetic.

This includes your entire wardrobe, especially your shoes.

Chances are when you and your partner get ready to go out for date night, you’re the one taking longer to get your outfit together.

It doesn’t matter with whom you’re interacting with, whether they’re military personnel or a local cashier, they’re going to receive unconditional respect.

Eating fast didn’t just become a time saver for you, it’s now an essential way of life.