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A herdsman after threatening the priests, received a bull they had bought for five kit (about 45 grammes) of gold.A scribe, Seti-mose, who overheard their quarrel, blackmailed them and extorted four and a half kit of gold.He bribed a scribe with his twenty deben of gold and was released without being charged.On his return, his associates agreed to redistributing the remaining 140 deben of gold.Even if this account is fictitious we may suppose that such actions were prosecuted.

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As the existence and proper functioning of the state depended on their activities, resisting state officials doing their duty or bribing them had to be suppressed at any cost, as had perjury, false accusations and statements and undue influence on judicial procedure.While the sources are very eloquent when the state and its institutions as incorporations of Maat were the victims of criminal behaviour, much less is known about what happened if the injured party was a private person.Homicides must have been committed, yet written evidence concerning or even literary mention of murder are rare.Misbehaviour had to be punished, honour upheld, peace between neighbours kept, and people's lives and property protected.Not reporting a felony was a crime in itself: The great criminal, Weren, who was butler.