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It employs a series of angled glass panels to give the illusion of a full-color, 3D hologram.

It's the same trick that's given life to dead celebrities like Elvis and Tupac and given increased visibility to living legends like Al Gore, Mariah Carey and even the prime minister of India.

She gave me a hug and quickly ran back to a small, makeshift studio outfitted with green fabric and a series of four cameras that would capture her movements in real-time and display them on the four sides of the rotating pyramid on the show floor.

I had the strange sensation of being on the defunct set of an MTV reality show now serving as the late-night playground for porn's biggest stars.

All I had to do was hit the show floor to see that the industry had evolved.

It was now more nimble, diverse and technologically advanced than ever."We're going to continue to see huge growth in cams, and I'm excited to see what happens with VR," Rios said.

Wild nights aside, Rios showed no signs of fatigue as he defended the industry and the event.

Not only was he expecting a record 25,000 attendees, but the Hard Rock had also built an entire new wing specifically for AVN's adult-novelty exhibitors.