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It was a cold brisk day, overcast and threatening to rain.Just after lunch I decided I'd take my dog for a walk in the park.I decided it would be fine since I wasn't going to be out long.Just to be on the safe side of warm, I slipped on a long light weight coat that at least covered my knees. Some might say I was spoiled, my parents would say I was loved.

' spiritfilled24, men with usernames like those you mention aren't looking for good women.I wanted to move out into my own place but rents were high and I was safer here in my own neighborhood. It was really chilly and windy; at times the wind was awfully brisk, I had no stockings on so my legs were cold. Kids were still in school and it was a just after lunch.As we walked I was sorry I hadn't put a nice warm pair of slacks on. I'm sure the time of day had a great deal to do with the lack of people walking around.I loved the feeling of the cool wind in my face and it would be pretty much empty, it was a weekday.I was wearing a dress and I debated whether or not I should put slacks on.