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Though highly advanced and feared across the galaxy, the Eldar are still a dying people -- a shadow of their former glory -- and their race teeters on the brink of final annihilation."For the ancient Aeldari, life was a cycle of birth, the fulfilment of desire, and a comfortable death, safe in the knowledge the soul would live again.But this potential for joy is paralleled by an equal capacity to feel despair, ambition and even hatred.Confronted by grief or other personal setbacks, an Eldar suffers mental torments which far exceed the boundaries of human anguish.All of the Eldar alive today are essentially a refugee population, the scattered remains of a formerly vast interstellar empire.Even in such straits, however, they are still a deadly and influential force in the galaxy.On the positive side, it gives them an unparalleled appreciation of life and an unrivalled ability to express themselves through music and other creative endeavours.A melody or gesture made with grace and skill can elicit an intensity of pleasure which is unimaginable to a human.

Because of this, Eldar are more intelligent but also far more intense than humans.They possess longer and cleaner limbs, and fine ascetic features with penetrating and slightly slanted, almond-shaped eyes.Their ears are also slightly pointed, but otherwise they could pass as human at first glance.The original Eldar homeworld was destroyed during the catastrophic collapse of the Eldar civilisation known as the Fall of the Eldar.The remnants of Eldar culture that survived the cataclysm preserved much of their species' history in the form of traditional stories, songs and dance.