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Once we discover "something,," we call it a scientific discovery although that entity was there to begin with. One of the purposes of education is to liberate ourselves from ignorance and prejudice which leads to mistrust of one another.

In this regard, only the education of each other will bring us together in respecting each other's beliefs and honoring each other's life and property.

Many young people and their young faculty during college years take a vacation from religion because they see religion regulating their life style.

The new freedom included freedom from God, because without God, everything becomes possible in their vain desires and behavior.

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One of their functions should be to engage non-Muslim students and faculty in a dialogue in order to understand each other in a better way.

Appropriate behavior of each religion group should be well-defined.

Some folks would like to confine the God to a house of worship be it a mosque, a synagogue, a temple or a church where they can visit Him when they feel like it one day a week but would not allow Him to leave those places and enter their homes and influence their lives.

Muslim students are organizing seminars and functions directed toward bringing them together and opening dialogues with non-Muslim friends and faculties.

Secularization evolved in response to a dogmatic religion which rejected scientific theories as blasphemy.

Thus religion becomes a personal matter second to more important things in life although religion came before the government, before the politics, the science and television.

Students realize that studying religion may not give them the financial satisfaction for the material life they aspire for.