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There are ten social sororities, 16 social fraternities, four historically black sororities, five historically black fraternities, one Native American fraternity, and one Native American sorority.Public Laws of North Carolina, 1907, Chapter 820 titled An Act to Stimulate High School Instruction in the Public Schools of the State and Teacher Training is the official law chartering East Carolina Teachers Training School (ECTTS) on March 8, 1907 by the North Carolina General Assembly.The chairman of its original Board of Trustees, Thomas Jordan Jarvis, a former Governor of North Carolina now known as the "Father of ECU", participated in groundbreaking ceremonies for the first buildings on July 2, 1908 in Greenville, North Carolina and ECTTS opened its doors on October 5, 1909. Moore, who opposed the creation of a university system separate from the Consolidated University of North Carolina, ECC was made a regional university effective July 1, 1967, and assumed its present name, East Carolina University.The university did not remain independent for long; on July 1, 1972, it was incorporated into the University of North Carolina System, the successor to the Consolidated University.The schools would not meet again until the 1992 Peach Bowl. East Carolina and NC State have met on the football field 29 times, with 22 of those games played in Carter–Finley Stadium, 4 in Dowdy–Ficklen Stadium, and 3 in neutral venues. This would be the first time that the two schools would meet in the tournament, and the two schools would not meet again in the tournament until 1990. State would advance to the semi-final round of the 1968 College World Series, only to be eliminated by the eventual national champion USC Trojans.In 1996, the two schools met in Charlotte's Bank of America Stadium rather than on either school's home field. This would officially revive the series between East Carolina and N. The highest profile game was played in the 1992 Peach Bowl, with 59,322 fans in attendance, this game would officially go on record as the largest attendance at the time for a game between two North Carolina college football teams. East Carolina was eventually knocked out of the tournament by Florida State.

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The most prominent sport in the rivalry is football.

On the main campus, there are five districts: Campus Core, Downtown District, Warehouse District, Athletic fields and the South Academic District.

On the Campus Core, there are 15 residence halls which are divided into three separate neighborhoods.

The two teams began competing against each other in 1970.

The football series between the two teams was suspended in 1987.