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The Museum also owns the original copper printing plates of all the early patterns. Spode Devonia shape dessert dish c.1800 printed in Willow pattern, 27.5cm. It was probably made as a gift or sample in 1908 from the original copper and did not come to light again until it was offered to Robert Copeland in 1989.Spode Salmon Dish c.1820 printed in Castle pattern. Robert donated it to the Trust where it remained in storage until its recent rediscovery.The feel of the series, I believe, quite intentionally tries to capture the atmosphere of this era of film.The detective is a sophisticated type, well educated and debonair in a very 40's kind of way. Its all quite calculated and in a superficial way, it works.Spode Leg Bath c.1820 printed in Lange Lijsen pattern. Printed SPODE mark Broth Bowl stand, c.1820 printed in Chinese of Rank pattern. Germany, having successfully invaded in 1940, is now in control of the UK.

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There's a degree of tiresome elitism about the premise, that's not terribly appealing.

Continue Reading A single letter on top of two digits indicates the month and year of manufacture.

For instance, the letter J over the number 96 means the piece was made in January of 1896.

This pattern is also known as the ' Dollar Tree' or ' Money Tree' pattern with obvious reference to the similar...

There are more than 300 identifying marks, datemarks and backstamps on Copeland Spode pottery going back as far as 1770, according to Heirlooms Antiques Centre.