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It has primary operations in Cable Television, Newspaper publishing, High-speed Internet and Residential Telephone services..

read more » Paul Block emigrated from Germany to upstate New York in 1885, and began in the newspaper business as a young man in Elmira, NY, and later in New York City.

John Scannella and Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana analysed skulls from dinosaurs that had been classified as triceratops and torosaurus.

Both animals had three horns but at different angles and the torosaurus’ neck-frill was thinner, smoother and had two holes in it.

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'cause they had a coffee/juice date Monday morning.The finding casts doubt on previous theories that the frill on the triceratops was used as a defensive mechanism.Instead it was probably used to display the animal’s maturity, Scannella told New Scientist.Ben and Lindsay grabbed Starbucks in Brentwood after apparently spending the weekend together. Ben and Jen Garner officially filed for divorce earlier this year.They reportedly had a dinner date Thursday night at Giorgio Baldi ... We were told they were already seeing other people.