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It involves a prideful preacher and a mad scientist, a spindly point guard and a passionate power forward, an impatient multimillionaire and a UCLA walk-on. Really, he says, there are more important things to write about. And that difference looks a lot like a spiky-haired YMCA All-Star.And, in perhaps the most crucial role in the months to come, a professor’s son with a knack for diplomacy. During his years with the Bulls and Spurs, Kerr was the guy who, sizing him up, you figured you might be able to take on a good day. And yet, somehow, magically, he won five titles, earned the trust of Michael Jordan and retired as the game’s all-time leading three-point shooter. Don’t talk to me, talk to my assistants -- they’re the ones doing the real work. Kerr always planned on coaching, but it wasn’t until two years ago, while working as a broadcaster for TNT, that he says he began preparing in earnest. Some days he added a few notes; other days he filled pages.Golden State GM Bob Myers looks younger than his 39 years.

Week by week, Kerr’s file – named ATOs, for ‘After Timeouts” – grew.6, did the Warriors go from a joke of a franchise to one of the best in all of sports?The answer is about basketball and business, of course, but ultimately it’s about people. Because there’s one major difference between last year’s Warriors, which finished 51-31 before losing to the Clippers in the first round of the playoffs, and this year’s team, which returned its top seven rotation players and entered the All-Star break with the best record in the NBA at 42-9.Everything you’ve learned, everything you want to do. There was a lot to write, and no detail was too small.He jotted down offensive sets and defensive philosophies, but also included the little stuff - everything from a policy for families traveling on the road to whether players are required to do 20 minutes of cardio after a game if they don't play a certain number of minutes.