Dating a medical resident student

Med-single, or the medical student who manages to stay single throughout medical school is of two varieties.The one who dates often but can’t seem to establish a meaningful long term relationship, and the medical student who would rather make intellectual love to the pathology book on a romantic night out.

A comprehensive online database of all of the accredited residency training programs by specialty and location is provided by the American Medical Association.

Being board ineligible significantly limits the practice opportunities available to you, and impacts your ability to get hospital privileges for many potential employers.

Even if you practiced medicine for many years in another country, it is a requirement of most medical facilities to complete a US residency program before being granted privileges to practice there.

If you graduated with an MD degree from an allopathic medical school, you should attend an allopathic medical residency.

If you graduated with a DO degree from an osteopathic medical school, most likely you will want to attend an osteopathic residency, but you may also attend an allopathic residency if you do a dually accredited year of internship training.