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Where is the evidence for claiming that Mojolicious is not stable? I would start by showing off how immaculately Mojolicious is maintained on github, but that may not be objective enough. I had a mojolicious website that was built 2 years ago and was running..then it no longer ran. I presume Dancer, Mojo, and Catalyst need some tending...) Can I renew my call for a basic question: why Dancer2 over Mojo? (Incidentally, are any web frameworks planned to work with perl6? The chances of anyone being familiar *enough* with both frameworks to say "this one is better" with authority are very slim.

So maybe that is the first step, building a set of objective criteria. I needed to hire an expert to figure out what was wrong. Most people try one or the other, or both, or others, for simple experimenting, get turned on or get turned off, and then stick with one.

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I think it has great software engineering, Test Driven Design principles. I think it's unlikely that you'll get any useful answer to this question.) i put here some sparse material reference: In addition to directly Perl dev web related choice, i think it is worth to mention Template:: Toolkit as widly appreciated tool to produce the appearence of Perl web output. Sorry for a late follow-up but I want to and add: Text:: Xslate is dramatically faster than Template:: Toolkit.I want to put some emphasis on the Your Mother sentence: Deployment concerns are probably the biggest hurdle for devs. For at least 15 years I have adored TT as a kitchen-sink mini-language and tend to use it via Template:: Alloy but I have been reaching for Xslate more often lately because of its speed, it forces good View practices, and it has better web security baked in (HTML escaping is opt-out, I'd like to address these points specifically because they will serve to reinforce some misunderstandings about if unchallenged.I think Mojo is better than Dancer simply because it is more lightweight and has less dependencies than Dancer.And let's face it, the fact that Dancer has to have a separate 2.0 interface only goes to show that it was not planned as well as Mojo.