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The Joan Rivers of this era was the single woman in search of a husband who spun her neurotic routine into a stream of consciousness-type yarn. Hahaha.’ And my mother would say, ‘if she were alive.’ You know how that hurts? When I was 21 my mother said, ‘Only a doctor for you.’ When I was 22, she said ‘alright a lawyer, a CPA.’ Twenty-four she said ‘we’ll grab a dentist.’ At 26 she said ‘anything.’ If he could make it to the door he was mine.” Of course, Joan Rivers didn’t just explode on the New York scene fully formed.

And were it not for Joan Rivers fierce determination—there were many naysayers—she might not have made it.

Rivers often seemed more determined than anyone to make it in show biz, and she would do whatever it took.

Among her greatest talents—one that she would carry with her throughout her fifty year career—was a keen sense of comedic zeitgeist.

Raised in the cushy Westchester suburb of Larchmont, born Joan Molinsky, she graduated from Barnard with dreams of becoming an actress.

Her first day in showbiz was in 1958 when she took the train from Larchmont to Grand Central Station.