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Another favorite feature is its wireless connectivity that is easy to set up in three steps.Users can access the camera’s live feed via from any location, and even via smartphone and tablet with the DLink app, making this an ideal security webcam.Its also capable of auto light correction and taking 3 megapixel photos.

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It’s easy to understand why this Logitech webcam is currently ranked #1 Webcam on

Much like its predecessor mentioned above, this Logitech includes full 1080 pixel, high-definition video recording and fluid 720 pixel video calling in 16:9 widescreen, cinematic format.

It also can autofocus for extreme close-ups, captures 8 megapixel photos, has automatic low light correction detection, and is a full motion rotational camera that is fold-and-go portable with a tripod ready base.

It is compatible with PC and Mac, and integrates with many instant message applications.

This Logitech webcam is all about great quality video with easy to use software.